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Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

The wedding photo booth increases the fun and excitement of the wedding among guests as they can bring their loved ones to the photo booth to click on a picture. It is more interesting and inviting if you can make the photo booth very attractive than a simple screen with a photo booth label hanging on it. Make your wedding an unforgettable experience with these brilliant design ideas for photo booths.

Book drop decor:

Take a look at this beautiful book drop as a background for your wedding photo booth, it will look stunning and interesting. You can also place and glue some other accessories, like nerdy glasses, so that they enjoy using these things when clicking on a picture.

Celestial level:

Make the photo look gorgeous with a crescent moon that your guests can sit on and stars hanging from above. This makes it look beautiful as they can sit on the moon while holding the two together.

Table idea:

This is a simple blackboard idea where you can write details such as the bride and groom’s name along with the wedding date and other interesting phrases so that the pictures are remembered forever.

Hanging blank frame:

Take a look at this large box, which is cut out like an empty frame with name and date, as your guests stand behind it and can click on a picture with a finished frame.

Paper fan decor:

Decorate the wall of the photo booth with paper trays in different colors or those that match the theme of the wedding. This will look bright and resemble a stand with a backdrop of fans.

Flower stand:

Make large paper flowers to decorate the walls of your photo booth as it will look beautiful and bloom with love. Flowers are always pleasant and create a nice atmosphere.

Ribbon decoration:

Tie a string between the trees and you can hang ribbons on it so that it flows freely in the wind and it looks beautiful and picturesque in the photos. This simple decor makes it easy for your guests to take a picture in front of them, since such tapes would not hang everywhere.

Room divider made of wood:

Spray the room divider with suitable formulations that you can use for the photo booth. This simple wooden divider can also be decorated with other things or just left for a rustic look.

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