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Wedding Drink Station Ideas

Wedding Drink Station Ideas

Beverage stations are one of the things to consider in wedding arrangements, and you can make it look different than just putting it on the table. There are several ways you can arrange the drinks creatively so that your guests can enjoy them and be fascinated by the idea of ​​placing the drinks as well. Some of the beautiful and creative ideas can be found in this blog, which only focuses on what the title says.

Barrel beverage station:

Use old barrels to decorate the drinks bar as you can place two or more barrels and place them on top with a wooden board and arrange the drinks on them. This is one of the easiest and coolest ideas.

Old boat decor:

Either you’re planning a nautical wedding or not, the boat beverage station will look creative and impressive. Place an old boat next to the neatly mowed area, or if it’s a beach wedding, just place it on the beach sand and you can fill it with ice and drinks. This will look very creative and look stunning on your wedding day.

Old cabinet:

If you have an old kitchen or bar cabinet at home, you can use it during your wedding to arrange drinks in it. You can divide the glasses on one shelf and the drinks on the other shelf.

Old chest of drawers idea:

Check out this brilliant idea of ​​using an old chest of drawers where you can place the juice cans on the sides and the glasses neatly arranged behind them. Creativity is in the drawers where it is half open and filled with fruits and leaves.

Open mobile truck drinks bar:

This is a nice idea to use an open truck or an open-back car so you can arrange the drinks in it, and it is also easy to move the truck where you want to place it.

Bucket beverage station:

One of the most common things that can be found in every house is a bucket. You can fill it with drinks and place it on a stand or hang it on water pipes to make it look different.

Stacked box:

When stacking boxes on top of each other, you can place drinks and glasses on the boxes along with some flowers or other decorative things to make the drinks station look attractive.

Tea trolley:

The tea cart should not only place tea and milk, but you can also use it on your wedding day to move around with drinks.

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