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Various Ways of Spicing Up Your Shower Curtains

Various Ways of Spicing Up Your Shower Curtains

Using shower curtains is one of the best ways to create privacy if you choose a shower. However, you can also spice it up using some of the most popular designs we can offer you. Here are some of the most innovative designs that you can create and use yourself whenever you want.

The first is a shower curtain with a black and white border that you can enjoy immensely. In this particular picture you can see that the curtain has been spiced up by additional black trimmings. Why don’t you try it out with your own shower curtain?


Source: Girl in the garage

You can also use gold accents for your shower curtains, just like this one. There was certainly something else to see when you took a bath.


Source: addicted2decorating

You can also use additional leaves that are folded in different floral designs to give a bare shower curtain like the following beauty.


Source: mom says sew

Who would have thought that frills for a shower curtain could be very useful in terms of design? You look pretty good, don’t you?


Source: Adventure addressmaking

You can also use different colors for your shower curtains. This ombre style color palette will definitely highlight your shower curtain.


Source: sarager.blogspot.com

You can also change it a little bit and use window curtains as shower curtains if you want. You will save money and time if you use it immediately.


Source: sasinteriors

This lined up shower curtain definitely gives you something to look forward to when you want to shower in the morning.


Source: homemade by Carmona

For a vintage bathroom, a beaded shower curtain is definitely a nice touch. You can definitely see the hard work put into this product.


Source: kishaniperera

We mentioned that you turn your window curtains into shower curtains, right? Why not use your bedding instead? This picture shows you exactly what to expect.


Source: dangerous design

Sometimes you don’t have to change your shower curtain at all! All you have to do is iron on some tapes and use duct tape, and you can create a brand new shower curtain!


Source: littlegraytable

Who says you can’t write inspirational quotes on your shower curtain? This certainly gives it a more personal look.


Source: Parties for pennies

You can also mix it up using different fabrics to create a checkerboard effect for your shower curtain like this.


Source: sumossweetstuff

With the checkerboard effect, you can also create strips for your shower curtain. It will be so.


Source: theharpsterhome

The same technique is used for this next shower curtain. It shows that you cannot just stick to two colors. You can use as many as you want.


Source: marthastewart

If you don’t want the shower curtains to be visible, you can use a Pelmut to hide the curtain devices from the naked eye. You can also experiment with colors with this device.


Source: Three pink dots

Hopefully you will have fun eating in the future and use some of these ideas for your own shower curtain designs.

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