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Various DIY Centerpieces

Various DIY Centerpieces

In the fall and thanksgiving season, you need to invite guests to your home for dinner and meet. Won’t it look terrible if the table looks simple and unattended? Give your guests special attention and make them feel invited and special by decorating the table with beautiful centerpieces that are more than enough to create a look that matches the theme of the occasion.

Pumpkin vase

Glass of cereal

Beautiful fresh heart with dahlia and roses:

Autumn is all about bright colors in orange and yellow. This centerpiece consists of a glass, which is filled with small pumpkins and fresh cut flowers such as dahlias and roses and is a beautiful centerpiece above the vase.

Centerpiece dahlia and rose

Floating cranberries and votive:

This is a glass bowl filled with water and cranberries with floating candles as a votive, which is a beautiful centerpiece. These bright red colors and white, together with other baskets of fresh fruit, are a beautiful centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

floating cranberries and votive

Herbs in a jar:

You can fill a glass with water and tie it with a white ribbon to symbolize purity, and you can put some fresh herbs in the glass and place it at the centerpiece. This herbal decor will be a beautiful centerpiece and also look very unique.

Herbs in a jar

Heart of the autumn candle:

This is one of the common types of centerpieces where you can place large fat candles of different sizes as a centerpiece on a tray. In addition, you can tie autumn leaves of different colors to the candles with a rope.

Leaves tied to candles

Tall glasses with branches and votive:

This is a tall glass that is filled with water and in which branches and floating candles are placed. This is a quiet centerpiece that looks very unique and is very easy to make because you only need to collect a few branches from the back yard.

tall glasses with votive

Branch covered canister vase:

This is a canister vase covered with twigs, in which you can put a bouquet of fresh flowers in any tin canister and put twigs around the canisters and tie ribbons around them to keep them intact.

Branch covered canister vase

Wheat colors:

Place three bundles of wheat sheaf on the table with a ribbon, and this is very good for Thanksgiving.

Wheat shades

The heart of the white pumpkin:

Place white pumpkin surrounded by dried leaves and flowers as centerpieces, and you can neatly place them on the table with a space between them so that it looks nice as an autumn decor.

white pumpkin centerpiece

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