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Useful Kitchen Storage Ideas

Useful Kitchen Storage Ideas

The kitchen is a place where you need a lot of space and never get enough of it. There is always a need for more. Below are some of the inexpensive ways you can organize your kitchen neatly and easily.

Crate storage idea

These storage ideas are brilliant and very inexpensive.

Storage baskets

Driftwood storage idea:

You can use a branch or driftwood to hold kitchen towels, hanging utensils and other light things. You can just put the wood between the brackets in the kitchen wall and it is easier to make and also looks good and unique.

Driftwood holder

Blackboard with cups:

Take a wooden board and nail hook, and you can hang the coffee cups on the hooks and finally hang the wooden board on the wall. This saves space and prevents the cups from accidentally breaking by placing them on the table after washing.

Hang cups on hooks

Hanging mason jars:

You can simply nail the metal lid of the mason jars to the bottom of the wooden cupboards and simply open and close the jar. While the glass is closed, it looks as if the glasses are hanging on the cupboard floor.

hanging mason jars

Basket storage:

Baskets are another easier way to organize things in your kitchen, and you can keep them all neatly in these wicker baskets. Different types of baskets can be used, hanging baskets that you can place on the countertop or in cupboards such as drawers.

hanging storage baskets

Idea for storing hooks:

You can nail small hooks into the cabinet doors and paint the inside of the doors with black paint like blackboard. This will help you write the dimensions of the measuring cup and you can also hang the cups on these hooks for easy access.

Hook storage idea

Pot lid organizer:

This is a towel holder and you can keep the lids on these bars. This makes it easier to organize the lids and put them back on the grate.

Pot lid organizer

Storage of computing utensils:

Computing utensils are another type of storage where you can simply use the bottom of the rack and hang the utensils. This type of storage avoids clumsy storage and ensures order.

Rake utensils storage

Shower cubicle storage:

In this storage box for shower trolleys you can store the spices or vegetables that you will use for the day. You can carry the container and hang it near the cooking area for easy access.

Shower tray

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