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Unique Wedding Favors

Unique Wedding Favors

Weddings are always fun and what makes it very enjoyable is when people bring back a favor with a smile. Who doesn’t love gifts or favors? Each of us does it! And you can come up with some interesting ideas that your guests can use to return home and continue the celebration. Below are some of the coolest ideas you can implement when choosing a unique gift for your guests.


Champagne bottles:

Mini bottles are always sweet and you can tie beautiful ribbons on mini champagne bottles and write a catchy note on them that reads: “Drink and make happy”, “Drink and feast, because it is the best day in our life” etc. People can choose one and carry these mini bottles home with themed.

Champagne bottles

Coffee beans:

Isn’t coffee a perfect gift? The aroma of the beans will fill the place with a beautiful aura that will make every guest take one home. Customize the bean bags made from burlap or other attractive material with a note.

Coffee beans


Isn’t love brighter than anything else? Well, if so, don’t let your guest be blinded by your love, so let them take a shadow and wear them on a hot, sunny day. Provide colorful shades so you can choose one that suits your costume or one in your favorite color.

colorful glasses

You can also place one decorated with ribbons on your seats so you don’t have to go to the stand.

Shadows on the seats

Cupcakes delight:

Cupcakes and partying go hand in hand and you can offer sweet cupcakes to all your guests who say that they made the sweet day sweeter with their presence. This sweet take away is a joy not only for children, but also for elders.

Cupcake favor

Glove in hand:

Is your wedding in winter? Well, here’s a nice idea for you! Provide your guests with gloves that they can wear and take with them.

Glove joy

Love potion:

The love potion is back from Alice in Wonderland and is served at your wedding ceremony. Place love potions along with the place setting and you can fill each of the bottles with edible syrup or olive oil to add flavor to the food.

Love potions

Parasols and fans:

For anyone opting for an outdoor wedding or beach wedding, you can provide your guests with umbrellas and paper trays to help themselves.

Parasols and fans

Popcorn bar:

How cool is it to give the guests popcorn to thank them for getting past your big day.

Popcorn bar

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