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Unique Shell Craft Ideas

Unique Shell Craft Ideas

Shell craft is so interesting that it reminds you of the best beach memories. Who wouldn’t like to collect shells from the beach? As a child, everyone must have collected them and probably put them in the notebooks or just kept them in a box, but did you know that you can do beautiful handicrafts with these shells? Below are some of the cute ideas you can implement at home in your free time and get the most out of the shells.

This is a very simple shell craft, where you can simply fill a glass with colorful and different shells and put a candle in it. This makes it look like a beautiful candlestick that looks so creative and decorative. You can also add glitter to the shells to make them look more colorful, or just leave them as they are to give them a natural look.

You can use shells like a table decoration by attaching them to the coffee table or implementing them in something like that. Fill a glass vase of a container with beach sand and dune grass and some shells. Starfish shells will add more beauty and these shells and sand will bring back the beautiful beach memories and are also very easy to make.

Dune grass and shell table decor

Dune grass and shell table decor

Designing the photo frames with shells and glass bowls makes them look very cute and artistic. You can recycle worn out old frames simply by gluing and replacing the edges with such shells. This will not only look different, but also very nice and cute! Children will love doing something like this, and you can give these frames to your friends on their birthdays.

The use of shells in bookmarks is very creative as you can easily attach them to the bookmark edges by attaching them with chains or attaching them to the edges of the satin ribbons. This way, they can be displayed on the edges to make them look beautiful and colorful. Bookmarks like this are creative and beautiful. You can insert beautiful ribbons into the ribbons along with these shells when you give something to your loved one.

This is a flower vase that is completely covered with shells with the help of white clay, M-seal or glue. Cover the pot with different shells to make the pot look different. Or maybe you can paint them in nice colors to give them a different look.

Table decoration with shell candles. How cute and simple. Think of all the color options or keep them natural.

Decorate DIY shell

Paint shells with gold paint and add a little wax!

DIY shell candles

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