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Tree Stump Vases Ideas

Tree Stump Vases Ideas

If you want something different in terms of decorating your home, why not try to use stump vases for your many plants and flowers? This article will help you put together some ideas on how to properly design and use them in your home without affecting the overall design plan for your property.

First of all, you can do it as easily as you want. Use the stump as a container for another smaller plant and put it in the garden. You will not go wrong with this form of recycling.

Tree stump vases-1

You can also try vases with different shapes and sizes. In this special picture you can see the round vase made of tree stumps. Isn’t it pretty amazing? I will definitely try it myself.
Tree stump vases-2

This particular vase shows intricate patterns that are suitable for kings. Because of this, it will definitely fit in one of your more opulent rooms in the future. Do not you think?

Tree stump vases-3

The next is the perfect combination of science and nature. You can use a tree stump as a base for one of your glass containers. In turn, one or more of your plants and seedlings can be stored in the glass containers. Be careful with the plants and you will be fine.

Tree stump vases-4th

You can also repaint some tree stumps and make small containers for your plants to be placed outside your home. Simple yet beautiful to look at. If I were you, I would definitely try to do it soon.

Tree stump vases-5th

From a distance, this picture looks like a small tree. However, it is definitely a vase filled with yellow flowers. What a beautiful sight. The image of simple beauty sure.


This special vase feels rustic. It will definitely fit in a little cottage living room in the country. If I were the designer, I would definitely use this special stump vase for the much simpler design.

Tree stump vases-7

This stump fits as the center of the dining table. All you have to do is fill it with beautiful flowers as you see them in the picture and you’re done.

Tree stump vases-8th

These are just a few of the key designs that you can definitely use for your renovation projects in the future. Remember that a little bit of creativity will definitely make a difference. So you just have to be patient and be inspired.

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