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Tools For Hanging Curtains Effectively

Tools For Hanging Curtains Effectively

Curtains are part of what makes an entire interior design plan as beautiful as possible. It will keep you entertained the first time you see it hanging. It is something you should use at home if you want something unique and special in your property for many years to come. Here are some brilliant ways you can effectively hang your curtains.

First of all, you need to make sure you find something to hang the curtains with. In this first picture, you can see how smart the designer is by using a spear or arrow as a hanging device for the curtain.

Hanging curtains 1

Source: Popsugar

Second, use hooks to hang them up instead of poles. It will definitely bring more character to your home. It can be either metal hooks or wooden hooks. Whatever you choose, it will definitely be a great addition to your interior design plan in the end. Just make sure it’s both strong and sturdy so the curtains don’t fall down easily.

Hanging curtains 2

Source: Paper blog

You can also hang your curtains with galvanized pipes. An advantage of this is that it cannot be easily levered off the wall. This increases the security of the curtain attachment.

Hanging curtains 3

Source: Dimples and angles

If you want to make your curtain decoration more natural, use natural materials. This branch can definitely serve to properly hang your curtains on the windows. However, make sure that the twigs and branches you use don’t break or fall off easily. For this purpose, larger and thicker branches will definitely do the trick.


Source: erinpatricecarpenter

If you try to use oars in the house, why not hang them to hang your curtains on walls and windows? It will definitely be one of the most funky and unique decorative devices you can use for your home.

Hanging curtains 5

Source: Country Life

Why not use ropes with some metal hooks to attach your curtains to the windows? This will complement your nautical bedroom design theme in the long run.

Hanging curtains 6

Source: vintagehomelove

You can also wrap your curtain poles in string to give it an artistic flair. It is definitely something that will definitely make your curtain poles stand out.

Hanging curtains 7

Source: thewickerhouse

In addition, it is important that you can use what you already have in the house for your decorative work. I am sure that you have dry wood available around the house, especially if you are renovating. In the end, you can easily use this as a temporary curtain rod.

Hanging curtains 8

Source: Shanty-2-chic

You can also use your door handles as part of your curtain rails. You can place them at either end of the bar for easy handling. Make sure that these knots that you will be using are not reserved for doors in the house.

Hanging curtains 9

Source: Design sponge

Finally, you can also select some fork branches and use them as curtain rods. It is both ingenious and unconventional at the same time. Therefore, you should definitely try it out as soon as possible.

Hanging curtains 10

Source: lynneknowlton

Hopefully let yourself be inspired by these suggestions and work on your own curtain project as soon as possible.

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