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Tips To Stylish Window Covers

Tips To Stylish Window Covers

Show some love to these windows! Whether for privacy reasons or just to look at something pretty, it would be a shame if your windows were empty. A stylish window and its cover make everything better. Fortunately, we have 10 tips on how to get windows that look like they are from a home design catalog. Sit back, relax and enjoy the article made just for you:

Custom colors

Custom bedroom shutters

Try to enjoy the delicious word Custom. These are the right men and women, custom colors! Perfect for those whose taste ranges from precise to coarse. Your shutters can now be delivered in your one or two favorite colors and blend seamlessly into the style and decor of your room! How great is that? Inspiration from karenwhiteid


We can not dress how beautiful and versatile wood is! Just take a look at this chic blind that is reminiscent of barn doors. Rustic and chic, add rolls for a nice touch. The versatile decor is perfect for every boho babe and relaxed guy out there! Image courtesy of Acehotel

We just can’t get enough of these rustic wooden shops and neither can you! Perfect for wall decoration too, isn’t it? It is as stylish as it is functional and works wonderfully with neutral and especially white colors!

Barn window shutter design

davidandersonarchitect knows how important chic window treatment really is. Not only is this important, but adding a chic window covering is also the perfect way to spice up your room! This beautiful white cover is tasteful and looks beautiful against the room and its play of colors. We love the contrast!

Plantation shutters

Black wood interior window

Plantation roller shutters are perfect for homes with high ceilings and are available in a variety of slat sizes, colors and designs. For large houses with lots of ceiling space, this is the perfect way to bring natural light into your home while still looking chic. We tore out a page directly lisawolfedesignBook.

Interior wooden shutters

These clever plantation roller shutters are incredibly versatile and can be individually adapted to everything. So don’t worry about a style mishap with these guys. With your choice in the desired style, you will put together a fantastic interior in no time, just like cuppettarchitects did.

Hand-carved screens

Hand-carved screens for windows

The panel screens we got out of Habitat studio are outstanding! The intricate details look dainty and elegant and we just can’t get enough. It is available in different designs and patterns and the perfect centerpiece! Your living room and bedroom will thank you.

Honeycomb colors

Honeycomb colors

The beauty of honeycomb colors, apart from their extremely cute name, is that, apart from their simple and iconic appearance, they are very practical. You can use it to control the amount of light you want, which is great. We have this beautiful look from lisascheffdesigns and his tips

Panel tracks

Panel tracks window covers

Beautiful, functional and you can combine them with the fabric of which the room is made. The perfect light, elegant and airy. We gues Davidjosephphotography has more than just professional photography skills as this room looks fantastic.

Hand-woven window coverings

Hand-woven window coverings

Yes / Yes, YES! Everything about this backdrop screams for paradise. Cozy, private and warm. What do you want more over vmldesignandlighting

Pulldown cards

World map window shadow

Perhaps the sweetest tip in the whole list is this clever representation of the map, which we have probably all remembered since graduation. A card for a window covering, who would have thought that? over arched

Contact paper window treatment

Contact paper for windows

Two words: contact paper. Just have these babies ready and you will have fly patterns in no time. Simply print out the desired template on cardboard, draw it on the contact paper and cut out the shapes. Done.

    Contact paper window design

You have bakingcreatelove to thank.

DIY Faux Roman Shade

DIY Faux Roman Shades

Brooklyn Limestone has the perfect DIY for you! All you need to peel off this artificial Roman shade is fabric, fabric glue, a wooden strip, transfer paper, an iron, a printer, a tacker, and some nails and a few thumbtacks.

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