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The Perfect Striped Carpet

The Perfect Striped Carpet

Carpets are the perfect touch for any room, and striped carpets are not as difficult to style as you imagine. Stripes are easy to work with and it’s an elegance that looks magical. Here are some great tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to experience a damn good floor.

Customize the room color palette

striped carpets


inner space

If you have your carpet in a similar color to the furniture, everything is put together and a polished, subdued elegance is created. It’s not exactly the same color, a similar one would be fine, or a color that complements the rest of the accents that surround it.

Eye-catching colors

strong colors



Bold, eye-catching colors bring life to your room! With a simply decorated room or walls that are painted in white to light colors such as beige, light brown and gray, carpets in strong colors are just the thing!

A Mediterranean feeling


blue and while

beautiful carpet

blue motif

The combination of blue and white, paired with the stripes in this Mediterranean motif, is absolutely perfect in its coloring and elegance. A real homage to style as well as the perfect way to create a sense of wrap room and calm.

Carpets for stairs

Carpets on the stairs

stairway Strips like one

It’s like stepping onto a rainbow staircase with this tip. Resist the urge to ask your guest to take off their shoes when you go upstairs. This wonderful ornament will enliven your stairs and give personality and brilliance to the white walls and the wood.

Rugs in shades of brown


Carpet decor

brown carpet

Brown, brown, and other earth-colored colors are generally flattering and go with most (if not all) of the houses and decorating styles you imagine. Perfect for bringing warmth in. Combine this with some wood accents and it will be a feel-good party in your home.

Classic black and white stripes


elegant interior

Black and white

This classic style can never go wrong. When you integrate the beauty of black and white into your home, you immediately get elegance and modernity. A wonderful, informal feeling, and the contrast never gets boring.

Swedish style


noble stripes

striped carpet home decor


The Swedes were up to something when they said, “You know what? All this place needs is a simple palette of colors, gray and white walls, a few stripes and a splash of color here and there.” Okay, maybe they didn’t really say it, but Swedish style houses are known for their beauty and simplicity. To get the look, you should decorate your interior in bright colors and carpets in nice, neutral stripes to complement the wooden furniture.

Good luck and have fun!

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