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The Most Unique Planter Designs

The Most Unique Planter Designs

If you want something unique and different in your home, why not buy modern planters for your houseplants? It will definitely give you something to look forward to gardening in the house if you have beautiful containers that will define your style and overall design theme for the house in the future.

This first picture shows a modern planter design that is definitely good for your home. This simple white color definitely exudes a contemporary theme that is sure to give you what you want in terms of design and function.


Source: etsy

You can also use this special cube planter. It is made of ceramic and offers you something beautiful and elegant to look at every day.


Source: etsy

This one planter has a simple but environmentally friendly design that will definitely remind you of nature whether you are inside or outside the house.


Source: etsy

If you want something colorful instead, this air plant pot is just right for you. It gives you something unique and different that you can look at every day without overdoing it.

These different colored block planters can definitely give you what you want in terms of spectacular aesthetic design and color. You can change the color scheme if you want. Either light or dark colors are enough.


Source: etsy

This simple wooden planter can definitely stand out for the simplicity of the design itself. If you are looking for something elegant and rustic with simple patterns, this is the best planter in your home.


Source: etsy

A planter in your home can definitely be one of the best ways for you to express yourself artistically. It gives you something like an outlet so you can get rid of compliance in the future.


Source: etsy

If you want a more durable material for your planters, you can use stainless steel like this special planter. It was certainly for many years.

You can also use materials like felt to make your own planter in the future. You just have to be ready to be very artistic in your ideas. This way, you can certainly achieve your goals much faster.

You can also try to make planters in different shapes and sizes. Look at this. It is certainly something different from the norm. Therefore, you should try it as soon as possible.


Source: etsy

Hopefully this article will give you some ideas on how to build your own planters in the future and use some of the designs shown above. It doesn’t hurt to try, so you should at least give yourself a chance.

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