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Stunning Wedding Tree Décor Ideas

Stunning Wedding Tree Décor Ideas

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you need to decorate the trees that make the arena look beautiful. Decorative trees will improve the look of the place as simple ones. You can use anything that can be hung on or around the trees to make it look nice.

Burlap decor:

Check out this simple and rustic tree decor that is a wonderful choice for the wedding background. You can use large burlap rolls to hang on the trees so that they touch the ground and some leaves are floating around it to make it look natural and comfortable.

Hanging parasols:

Use colorful and bright umbrellas to decorate the trees as you can hang them from the top to make them look stunning. Use different colored umbrellas to further emphasize the size of the place.

Crystal decor:

Check out these beautiful crystal garlands that hang on the branches of the trees along with some lanterns. As a result, the crystals shine in their beauty together with the bright colors that they emit.

Empty frames:

You can also use empty frames to decorate the trees, although this may seem pretty empty at first, but once people start clicking on the pictures behind, this photo booth will make a brilliant choice for tree decor.

Fabric balls:

Use old rags or cut strips of your chosen fabric material and turn them into large balls before you can hang them on the trees. These large balls make the tree decor look very cute and adorable.

Flower shower:

Hang flower rings, garlands or lanterns decorated with flowers from the trees. They look like a flower shower, and the passage can also be decorated with petals to make it look beautiful.

Glass bubble candles:

Hang small glass bubbles with candles on the trees and this will look amazing especially during the evening celebrations as it will sparkle in the dark.

Old lampshades:

If you have a collection of old lampshades at home, you can hang them on the branches to make them look different and colorful. This is one of the options to add creativity and glamor to the trees.

Photo decor:

Wrap the tree truck with a collection of photos that show some of the best moments of your life. Let your guest look at these frozen best memories as you wrap them around the trees.


Use round or heart-shaped wreaths made of a material of your choice and hang them on the trees to make them look admirable.

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