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Rustic Wedding Décor Ideas

Rustic Wedding Décor Ideas

Country weddings will look more beautiful with rustic wedding decor and you can bring the feeling of nature along with these decorative things. Although there are more modern ways to decorate your wedding venue, rustic decors always have a special beauty that nothing else can bring. Most importantly, these decorative things don’t cost much and you can make the most of wedding decorations with a rural decorative style.

Beautiful nest tree basket idea:

This is a very cute tree decor idea where you can hang rope baskets with two little birds and a big ribbon around the basket. This makes the tree decor look very beautiful and creative. Aren’t lovebirds a nice way to decorate the trees?

Burlap chair decor:

Use a large roll of burlap to decorate the chairs or benches. You can cut small pieces of burlap material and tie it around the chairs with a bow and also put a baby breath bundle with it. These little white flowers make it look very cute and lovely.

Drift wood gear decor:

Decorating the aisle is one of the most important wedding decorations that are immediately visible, and you can use driftwood to decorate the aisle. Simply place driftwood along the path along with some votive to add brightness and decor to the place.

Drinking station idea:

If you are planning a rustic setting, why should you spare the beverage station by setting up modern tables? Use barrels or boxes and place a plank over it to form a table. This will look creative and match your wedding theme.

Hay bale seating map:

Wondering how to use hay bales to sit? Well it’s easy! Simply place the bale at equal intervals and you can cover it with colorful fabric and the seating arrangement is ready. You can cover the bale with different colored fabric or only with one color.

Guestbook idea:

Instead of the usual guest books, you can replace it with tags that are attached to the small tree model. Just put a few tags next to the table and your guests can write their messages and hang on the branches.

rustic guest news ideas

rustic guest news ideas

Wedding arch:

This is a very beautiful wooden arch wedding bar with some flowers that decorate it with a natural view behind it so the whole place looks fabulous.

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