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Polka Dot: The Great Design Tool

If you want to find something new regarding decorations for your home, you should read this article right away. We will try to give you some tips on how to use polka dot decor as a staple in your home. This would certainly be an entertaining idea when it comes to interior design. So you don’t have to hesitate and try it out.

The first design you can try is this painted polka dot plate. It will surely be a good addition to your porcelain sooner or later.

DIY-Polka-Dots-Projects-for-Home Decor-1 500x333

Source: We love handmade

Another design you can try is the polka dot doormat. It is extremely cute and easy to use.

DIY Polka Dot Projects for Home Decor 2-500x332

Source: Boulevard Pinki

You can also try painting the polka dot pattern on your glasses and saucer. This will be an extremely cool design that is certainly classically modern.

DIY Polka Dot Projects for Home Decor 3-500x334

Source: Creme Dela Craft

Here’s a placemat idea that will definitely be worth trying. You can also change the colors if you want.

DIY Polka Dot Projects for Home Decor 4

Source: Oh no Rachio

If you’re feeling more artistic, why not try putting dots in napkins for your table decorations like this? If there is sure to be a different view of the design pattern.

DIY Polka Dot Projects for Home Decor 5-500x750

Source: Alyssa and Carla

Instead of using wallpaper, you can simply use paper cutouts from circles and attach them to the walls of your room as in this picture.

DIY Polka Dot Projects for Home Decor 6-500x750

Source: Very nice indeed

This particular design reminds me of a Dalmatian pattern that you can definitely explore. Who says you can’t put designs on candles? Everything that requires a bit of creativity and you will definitely get what you want in your project.

DIY Polka Dot Projects for Home Decor 7-500x748

Source: Crafts unleashed

You can also use polka dot patterns on your paper lanterns. It is definitely something new in the context that you should give it a chance. I am sure you will never regret it.

You can also try applying the polka dot pattern to your devices. This is definitely the best canvas you can have for your art form.

DIY Polka Dot Projects for Home Decor 11-500x750

Source: In love at home

This is a mix of elegance and craftsmanship at its best. Polka dot cups like this will surely attract the attention of everyone who uses them or will use them in the future.

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