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Painted Stairs Ideas For Decorative Homes

Painted Stairs Ideas For Decorative Homes

Turn these boring stairs into interesting painted stairs that look different, artistic, and creative. Painted stairs can give the room a beautiful look and lower the cost of investing a carpet for the stairs. Take a look at these ideas below to paint your stairs creatively.

traditional design on stairs

traditional design on stairs

This is a beautiful staircase design where simple phrases with great meaning are written on the stairs. This type of staircase will highlight the beautiful connection between your family members and every time you look at them you will remember the virtues of the house.

beautiful verses on stairs

beautiful verses on stairs

For all book lovers out there, this is a beautiful stair design where you can paint them like a stack of books from your favorite collection.

This is a simple striped chevron staircase that looks simple and elegant and makes your home look very artistic and pretty good. You can easily paint these designs without the help of a professional.

Bring the magic of color home by painting your stairs with beautiful stripes in different colors that look like a colorful carpet that is spread out over the stairs.

Are numbers not an easy and fun idea? Your child will try to learn these numbers quickly and easily every time they climb the stairs.

Halloween is an exciting and entertaining Christmas season when adults and children love to bring out the best Halloween decor at home. These painted stairs with creepy, exciting and interesting words make the Halloween decor even more fun.

Leopard prints are very popular designs in clothing lines, bags, shoes and carpets, but you can highlight the glamorous leopard print on the stairs of your home. This will look unique and rich.

Neon matrix colors are very exciting and interesting shades that look great in the dark. This is a beautiful example where you can paint your stairs with neo colors that glow in the dark with a crowded, dripping look.

Don’t these tiny mice look cute? Draw these little mice on the stairs as if they were running in and out of their house hole. They will probably remind you of Tom and Jerry and kids will love it too.

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