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Owl Home Décor Ideas

Owl Home Décor Ideas

Decorating your house with birds like peacock, sparrow and colorful tiny ones or with animals and flowers is usually very common, but decorating your house with owl is something that will also look very unique and pretty. The big and fluffy fat owl will become more attractive from around the corner. Below you will find various ideas with which you can integrate this owl decor into your home.

Felt owl decor:

Check out this cute felt plush owl that looks very cute with its big eyes and colorful wings. These tiny creatures can be placed on tables, shelves or anywhere, especially at parties like birthdays, baby showers, etc.

Mobile owls:

Tiny owls hanging from the crib in a group as they swirl and wiggle in a light breeze will make your baby happy and full of energy. These tiny owls are easy to make because you can sew them in your spare time to give your little one something.

Nursery wall art:

Beautifully painted walls with a huge tree that serves as protection for tiny birds and owls with big eyes make the kindergarten bright and cheerful. Your children can just lie there and look at the big-eyed friend who is looking at him from the wall.

Bedding set:

Among the various designs that are available for the bedding set, owl prints with suitable formulations are particularly suitable for late risers. Wouldn’t these big owls look pretty in your bedroom?

Kitchen collection:

Beautifully crafted ceramic kitchen set is one of the artistic collections you can have in your kitchen. The tiny pepper and salt shakers are my favorite in the whole set because they are so small and cute.

Night lamp:

How about those funky fat owls guarding the dark night for you? These glowing accents in the dark let your room shine in uniqueness and joy.

Throw pillow:

Owl-shaped soft pillow on your sofa will make your living room look attractive as there would not be a single guest who would not notice this pillow. This type of pillow can also be kept in the nursery as they love to hug it while sleeping.


Check out this bright red wreath, which consists of yarn and two small stuffed owls in the middle of the wreath. Green feathers that decorate the wreath are also a nice choice for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day!

Shower curtain:

Shower curtains are one of the main attraction centers in the bathroom when used, and you need to make a careful selection as these are curtains, wall paints and tiles and the first eye-catching things in the bathroom.


Check out this book owl for artistic owls that looks very pretty and beautiful when placed on the bookshelf, or you can put it in your living room to stop magazines, postcards, invitations, newspapers, etc. The wooden owl craft adds so much to the elegance of the usual owl design.

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