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Outdoor Wedding Makeover Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Makeover Ideas

Outdoor weddings are very interesting not only for those who do them, but also for those who attend the wedding. There are several ways you can make an outdoor wedding all the more interesting and even better.


hanging rope tables

Nice phrases:

You can install nice phrases along the path to make the entry interesting. You can make the phrases sound like a short story or a humorous one than the usual signs that are boring.

nice wording

Offer your guests a blanket:

If it’s a cold and windy day or a time of year when you’re arranging your wedding, you can place a bucket or tub full of blankets, or fold the blankets neatly and place a sign nearby asking your guests to sit down help yourself if this is the case If you feel cold you can use the blankets. You can also replace the blankets and store umbrellas on sunny days.


Camp ideas:

If you are holding a late evening wedding in your barn or in an open area, you can set up a camp-style seating area with hay bales like seats and a fire pit in the middle to make your guests look unique and fun to enjoy with friends and cousins.

Camp built

Carpet walkway decor:

Instead of decorating the aisle with flowers and other common things, you can decorate them with a carpet that lies on the floor that you use at home than with the carpet that you use for the wedding to make it look unique .

Carpet aisle decor

Idea of ​​a dangling frame cabin:

Hang an empty frame on the branch and this can be used as a photo booth for your guests. This looks simple and interesting because your guests can click so many pictures behind this empty frame.

dangling frame

Flower box as a drink cooler:

Use the flower box as a drink cooler stand for weddings outdoors with ice and it looks unique and inviting. The long stand with a partition allows you to place the drinks neatly in it.

Flower box as a drink cooler

Polaroid booth:

How about this instant Polaroid booth where your guests click on instant photos and hang them on the ropes with a clothespin, leaving the beautiful and happy memories behind so you can see them later.

Polaroid cabin

Rustic table decor:

This is a rustic table decoration with some wooden sticks and fresh flowers that are tied as a bundle and placed on the table to make it look beautiful.

rustic table setting

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