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Open Shelving for the Bathroom

Open Shelving for the Bathroom

Using open storage space for bathrooms like yours can definitely give you the opportunity to have a multifunctional design feature in the home. How? You are lucky because this article answers this question for you, among other things. Hopefully after reading this, you can get more inspiration from this article so you can build the bathroom of your dreams in the end.

First of all, you can use the built-in open shelves in your bathroom to showcase all of your additional decor in the house. Check out this bathroom vanity design. It’s nice, isn’t it?

As a second option, you can also use a much simpler design for your built-in storage cabinets in the bathroom. This will fit modern house and bathroom designs in the near future.

Large built-in shelves and cupboards for many additional bathrooms

In addition, you can add additional shelves next to your vanity if you want. This increases the storage capacity of your personal space while maintaining the beauty of the vanity.

The shelf replaces part of the wall next to this bathroom cabinet

You can also use a recessed shelf design directly above your tub. This way you can bring your toiletries within reach while enjoying your time in the tub.

You can also use these shelves to keep your towels or display them if you want. The decision is entirely up to you.

Open shelf at the end of the bathtub in a chic white bathroom

This special shelf design definitely fits into the future of a rustic bathroom. If you want to renovate your bathroom on the farm, this is the perfect addition to your private area.

Bathroom with ship walls and built-in storage shelves near the free-standing bathtub

At the bottom there is another open shelf directly above the bathtub. You will certainly not regret using this special design for the bathroom as it easily gives your bathroom storage space and display capacity.

If you want, you can use the space in the walls of your bathroom to install additional shelves. Here is an example of shelves just above the toilet that anyone can use.

Modern farmhouse bathroom with a rustic wooden shelf above the toilet

If you like to use containers, why not put them on the shelves of your bathroom? This will surely be a double hit in terms of design and function.


As a last option, you can also maximize the smaller spaces in your bathroom by adding shelves to fill the empty slot. You will definitely not regret doing this as you can make good use of form and function with this special design option. You try it out as soon as possible.

Unique open storage shelf that uses the house architecture

These are just a few of the many design options you can have when opening shelves in your bathroom. This is just something that you should consider when designing your personal bathroom as it gives you the opportunity to create additional storage space while exploring other options that you may have regarding the use of the entire wall space.

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