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Open Kitchen Shelving In Style

Open Kitchen Shelving In Style

Airy, open kitchen shelves are all the rage, and for good reason! Who doesn’t want to channel chic, bright, and bright in their room to prepare a storm of delicious food and healthy habits? We have put together the best tips that will show you how to store your open kitchen shelves in style.

open kitchen

Organize strategically and nicely

open chic room

A dreamily organized and aesthetically appealing kitchen with equally chic shelves is the dream. Leave the most frequently used items on the lower shelves for better accessibility and convenience.

Add color


Add color! Functional color in the form of cookbooks. Provide them with a shelf and keep them in an easily accessible place.

Choose a happy accent color


The life and vibrancy that pops of color bring to your clear, clean space is everything. Colors like tomato red or turquoise go so well with white as you can see in this kitchen. Accents make everything more picturesque.

Give your open shelves natural warmth


With the help of wooden elements and accents, you can easily give your modern kitchen warmth. Warmth brings this earthy note effortlessly against the sharp contrast that steel brings. Throw in some baskets to beautify them and you’re done!

Decorate shelves with a little feature


Uniformity is the key to this rustic, bohemian look. By putting together kitchen ware in similar colors or materials, your shelves are immediately cleaner.

Use graphics


Never miss an opportunity to integrate artworks into your room! Be it the living room or the kitchen, they are happy to look at shelves and walls well and to fit. You can have your portraits or drawings wrapped in frames that stand behind your cups and the like. Enjoy!

Stack them up

Rustic colorful

Now you have the opportunity to present your superior kitchenware. Let your plates and bowls lean or support to the side to give your guests a great view of the porcelain and its colors. However, make sure that you support them nicely and safely!

Show what you love

Corner shelf

Do what the tip says! Your kitchen, your rules. Show what you love and enjoy to the fullest. Even the most stylish product doesn’t belong in the kitchen if you don’t like it or have value. Throw it out when you don’t want it in your room and choose classic themes and timeless pieces that you love. Enjoy it and have fun!

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