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Non-Floral Wedding Aisle Décor Ideas

Non-Floral Wedding Aisle Décor Ideas

Decorate your wedding aisle with non-flowery things as it looks different than the usual flower blossoms. In fact, they look much better, more creative and catchy than the usual garlands and bouquets of flowers placed on the sides of the aisle. There are several non-floral options you can consider, and some of the best and most beautiful are listed on this blog.

Green apple course:

Fresh green apples in a basket or crate look fantastic along with the green lawn outdoors. These apples can be placed with each chair or at the same distance from each other.

Burlap and lace bow:

Check out these large burlap loops with white lace attached to the chairs to make them look simple and elegant on a wedding day. In addition, these large bows add so much decor and glamor to the place.

Lush green leaves:

Who says that only colorful flowers can decorate the wedding aisle, but even lush green leaves can make it look stunning. Tie a few green leaves to the chairs with a satin bow, and the green in this place makes it look calm.

Parasol decor:

Use colorful, printed, or simple umbrellas along the aisle to make it look nice on summer days or at a beach wedding because it looks very nice and different. You can also put closed parasols in each chair so your guests can use them.

Peacock feather cone:

Beautiful peacock feathers are printed in the blue cones with initials and hung on the chairs to make them look beautiful. This is one of the unique ways that your wedding decoration will look very beautiful.

Pebble pattern:

Use pebbles that are placed in certain decorative patterns or just randomly distributed in a row along the aisle. This will look very nice for an outdoor wedding and will also benefit those looking for budget-friendly ideas.

Photo decor:

Use photo frames with pictures that show every moment, maybe recently or from your childhood. They can be hung on any of the chairs that lead to the pavilion.

Pom Pom:

Check out these colorful and fluffy pompoms that we loved to do during school, and you can use them to make large pompoms to decorate your wedding aisle with the lanterns placed on it.

Pumpkin decor:

Use large pumpkins to decorate the aisle especially for weddings that take place in the fall and the season.

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