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Most Amazing Pillow Designs

Most Amazing Pillow Designs

Do you want the best pillows in the bedroom or living room? Why don’t you try designing your own? This is the best way to reinvent your pillows. This article gives you some ideas on how you can easily transform your pillow into a much more artistic design item for your room.

First of all, you can use different shapes and lines when thinking of designs for your pillow. Check out this triangle pillow design. It’s just something unique and beautiful at the same time.

DIY triangle stamped pillow

Source: hellolidy

Second, you can use appliqués as part of your pillow design pattern. This brings more color and pattern to your living room pillows or even your bedroom pillows.

DIY applique pillow

Source: Creature comfort blog

Third, you can also use different types of stitches for your pillow. In this special picture you can see a heart stitch and embroidery pattern that definitely stands out from the others.


Source: Homedit

Who says you can only use pillow cases to cover your pillows in the living room? Here are button-up shirts that can easily be used as pillowcases.

You can also use your pillows to send various messages to your loved ones. Typed messages are one of the most ingenious ways for you to design your pillow cases like this.

DIY-type pIllows

Source: brit

You can also personalize your pillows by adding some appliqués and embroidery designs that can underline your personality. You can either choose different patterns for color schemes for this particular project.

DIY heart applique pillow

Source: Spoons full of imagination

You can also use different garlands and pompom designs to complement your pillow cases. It will definitely increase the beauty of your pillows significantly.

DIY pom pom pillow

Source: iheartnaptime

If you want, you can design your pillows with different amounts of roses or other flowering plants. This definitely gives you something unique and beautiful to look at every day.

DIY rosette pillow

Source: Artisan

How about some butterflies that keep you company in bed while you sleep? This is just something unique and different from any other pillow designs you can have in the future.

DIY Felt Butterfly PIllow

Source: Ruffles and stuff

You can also use ruffles to make your pillows even more beautiful to the eye. It’s just something you should consider, especially if you like the most extravagant designs for your pillows.

DIY ruffle designer pillow

Source: Honeysuckle life

These are just a few of the many designs that you can use for the pillows as soon as possible. All you need is a bit of creativity and you will definitely go a long way. If I were you, I would try these special design themes in my room and on my pillows as soon as possible.

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