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Modern-Vintage Combination Designs

Modern-Vintage Combination Designs

If you are a designer who is not afraid of experimentation, it is important that you can combine seemingly different design themes in a single design plan. In this article, we give you some ideas that combine two completely different design genres into a single concept. The modern vintage interior design themes.

First of all, you need to focus on the right color scheme. While most vintage furniture focuses on darker shades, modern pieces of furniture tend to be light. This picture shows that you just have to mix them up without compromising the aesthetic value of the design.

modern vintage 1

In addition, you can give a vintage nursery a contemporary look by repainting some of the walls as in this picture. It will definitely bring a new light to this special room in the house.

modern vintage 2

You can add modern style to vintage furniture by using contemporary art pieces and adding it to classic furniture like this. To successfully combine two separate ideas of design and style, you should be able to find common ground between the two. In this case, the color scheme is the best choice. Look at this picture. isn’t it quite amazing?

modern vintage 3

I like this particular picture because of the color mix that the designer used. He or she was not afraid to use the color wheel to their advantage. If you want a histrionic design for your modern vintage living room, this is the best design you should take note of.

modern vintage 4

If you want to go retro, this special dining room design can definitely suit your mood. It has both modern and vintage elements that are distributed in an evenly coordinated design theme. You will definitely not regret using this particular pattern in terms of design and physical function.

modern vintage 5

If you don’t want to change too much in your room, changing the color scheme of a particular room in the house can definitely give you the modern vintage feel you’ve been looking for all the time. It will definitely give you something to look forward to with activities to do during the summer break when the kids are there to enjoy renovating their own rooms.

modern vintage 6

When you combine vintage and modern design schemes, you have to be very creative. You need to make sure that you don’t sacrifice the aesthetic value of your particular room theme and still give your desolate bedroom or other room in the house a much needed modern update. I am sure that you can do this flawlessly and seamlessly with this article.

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