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Modern Living Room Wall Decals

Modern Living Room Wall Decals

Living rooms are a main attraction for the entire home decor, and you can distribute the liveliness through the modern touch with a common theme or idea. There are several ways you can decorate houses, and wall decals are one of the simplest and easiest to consider as they can be removed whenever the design changes. These decals do not require a specialist to decorate the walls either, because you can redesign your home yourself.

flying birds stickers

Birch wood wall sticker:

Check out these cute baby pink walls with white birch trunks that make it look very simple and stylish. The most delightful feature of this wall sticker is the black bird flight, which makes it more realistic.

Birch wall decal

Cherry blossom blossom branch:

You can customize the wall decal according to the color scheme of the room, and this is a nice example. The red and brown colors blend so well that the branch has a similar pattern that it looks special.

Cherry blossom decor

Compass wall sticker:

You can create a very modern living room with minimalist furniture and decor that improves its style. This is a modern living room with beige upholstery and beige navigation compass on a black background.

Compass wall decor

Surname decor:

For those of you who live in a large family or who place special importance on your family name, this wall decal can be considered, which will make your wall decoration look much more personal and fantastic.

Family name decor

Beveled flower wall tattoo:

This is a beveled floral ceiling that gives the attic a special touch. You can think of several ways to decorate the ceiling, and this is one of them. The beautiful summer yellow flowers match the color of the walls and the couch so wonderfully.

Flowers wall decal

Flying dandelions:

Who doesn’t love dandelions and this is one of the most tender decoration ideas that bring back our childhood memories that pop up on a trip to remind them of it.

flying dandelions

Power line birds shade:

Think of birds that are completely black in color, or shadows of birds that make this power line look fun. You can use this design in almost any house to make it look unique.

Powerline birds decor

Quotes decor idea:

If you have a favorite quote that is the key of your life, or something you follow as a guide, you can easily use this type of custom wall decal as a decor for your hall.

quotes decor

Zebra squares:

This is a block zebra print that makes it look stylish and modern. You can also imagine other animal skin types.

quotes decorZebra squares

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