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Modern Living Room Décor Ideas

Modern Living Room Décor Ideas

Do you want your living room to be modern, trendy and catchy? Well, there are several ways you can make it look fascinating, but if you don’t have that much money in your pocket, you don’t have to worry. There are various DIY ideas to make your living room look absolutely beautiful with little or no cost.

Photo wall decoration:

This is one of the common ways to decorate your home, but it contains so much beauty and decor and will definitely look unique because it is your home with your picture along with your loved ones. Decorate the walls with as many beautiful memories as you like to appreciate and smile when you look at them every day.

Blanket vinyl sticker:

You can use vinyl stickers to decorate any room as they come in a variety of designs and colors. This is one of the beautiful vinyl decorations that I came across. Beautiful fluttering butterflies surrounding the chandelier make it look very pretty and cute, and you’ll just love staring at it.

Planted basket:

You must have used baskets to bring things for a picnic or maybe to the market, but have you ever imagined that you could turn them into a planter in which your guest keeps looking at this unique planted version in your living room.

Crate coffee table:

DIY furniture is one of the fun activities you can do especially during the holidays as it will definitely kill time like anything else and you will never know how the holiday went in a snap. Be proud to make your own furniture and display it in the living room.

Pillow decor:

There are several ways to decorate the pillows as they look nice and cozy on a sofa or day bed. This is a sequin pillow that looks trendy and romantic and that glitters with beauty.

Empty frame decor:

Who said framed should only be used with photos? You can also just hang them on the walls to make them look trendy and unique. You can either choose a similar colored frame or a different colored version.

Ruffles / Pom Pom Decor:

Make these pretty ruffles or big pompoms with colorful fabric and hang them in your living room to highlight happiness with a joyful selection of colors. What can be nicer than a colorful room?

Ruffled pom pom hanging decor

Ruffled pom pom hanging decor

Wine bottle vase:

This is a shabby chic decor for those who love a touch of rustic beauty. Make your own vase with an empty wine bottle and attach it to a wooden board before you can hang it on the wall. Fresh flowers in a wine bottle are beautiful to look at and spread their scent in the room.

Word decoration:

You can decorate the room with phrases that represent the politics of the house, or with inspiring quotes or funny verses to make up the day. Display them on a blackboard, with vinyl stickers or wall paint, it all depends on your choice.

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