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Mirrors For Home Entryway

Mirrors For Home Entryway

Mirrors are one of the most fascinating and beautiful things for which no special extra is required to make them look beautiful. However, if you’ve added anything, it will be great. You can embellish simple mirrors with creative things to make them look beautiful and decorate your home or entrance area.

Beaded canvas:

Just take a simple canvas and spray paint in any color or your choice or in multiple colors as shown in the picture, and then decorate it with colorful plastic beads, glass beads, mosaic pieces, etc. to make them look very attractive a mirror in the middle.

Bottle closures:

There are many who love to collect bottle caps and if you are one of them you will definitely love this idea as you can easily display your collectibles through this beautiful mirror frame.

Clothespin frame:

This is another easy way to decorate the mirror frame with a clothespin. You can also spray paint the clothes peg to make it look colorful and attractive.

Thread rolls:

All you need is just a few colorful spools of thread and some glue to make this bright and attractive mirror frame. You can also teach your child to do it, and maybe they will love doing something that is presented at home.

Measuring scale mirror:

Decorate the mirror with wooden scales of different lengths, as the sundial is ready to hang up immediately. Doesn’t that look very creative? Well, it’s easy to do too.

Plastic bead mirror:

Attach the cords to the mirror in any desired shape. You can then decorate them with pearls to make them look decorative. This type of handicraft is the best leisure activity during the holidays.

Plastic spoon:

Use colorful plastic spoons to create the frame of your mirror. You can use colored spoons or just a solid color to decorate the mirror frame. You can also add glitter to the spoon to make it very attractive.

Recycled jewelry:

If you have a collection of favorite jewelry in your stock that you want to keep for a reason, it may be time to use it and keep it forever. Simply decorate the mirror with all the old jewelry to make a decorative mirror frame of your choice.

Shell mirror:

Many of us have a special habit of collecting shells when you go to the beach and we come home with a bag full of them. If you have many such shells at home, why not use them to decorate the mirror?

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