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Mason Jar Reuse Ideas

Mason Jar Reuse Ideas

Do you love mason jars from your kitchen? Well, you can turn the old mason jars into fun and simple handicrafts and turn them into a creative work of art. There are various decorative things for the home that you can make from mason jars, and they can be decorated with spray paints, glitter, flowers, etc.

Cutlery storage:

Spray the mason jar in beautiful metallic colors and use it to store the cutlery. This will be small and compact to keep the little things in a well organized way.

Candle holder:

Check out this beautiful, simple, and elegant candle holder, in which the mason jar is filled with water and used to swim candles. This type of decor can be used for alfresco dining, Thanksgiving, wedding decor, etc.

Glittering flower vase:

Make a beautiful glittering flower vase at home with old mason jars as you can simply apply some glue and dust it with glitter of your favorite color to make it look shiny and attractive.

Hanging lamps:

These mason jars can be used to make chandeliers, pendant lights, lanterns or even simple lamps that you can attach to the hanging material accordingly. They will be very glamorous, traditional and one of the cheapest ways to brighten up your home.


Organize your craft room with these mason jars by keeping all the pens in a safe place so they don’t lie scattered on the floor. You can also store buttons, threads or other material in these glasses.

Little planter:

Fill the jar with some fresh water and grow small plants in the jars. These can be placed in your kitchen, your table or anywhere in your house. Attach it to the rope and hang it up like a beautiful, freshly hanging planter.

Soap dispenser:

Attach the pump lid to the lid of the jar and use it like a soap dispenser. These dispensers can be easily made at home and you can decorate them to your liking.

Stationary holder:

Organize all stationary things by placing them in this glass. You can separate the pens, scissors, and any other item accordingly so your study table looks organized and things are easily accessible instead of searching through each item.

Brush holder:

Decorate the mason jar with beautiful decorative things like lace, pearls, ribbons and other things so that the holder looks very artistic and creative.

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