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Low-Cost Office Renovation With Pallets

Low-Cost Office Renovation With Pallets

When it comes to cost-effective and efficient renovation of your work area, the Hiroki Tominaga Atelier has just the thing. Together with his team of super people and women, they have the power to offer you the ingenious solution for the temporary office space you were looking for. Check out our article for inspiration and give it a try! Pallets + office space have never looked so good.

Outside with flap shutters


What better way to turn the ground floor of a three-story building into a meeting room than to install pallets? It was inexpensive and stylish and the perfect material to incorporate. Efficient, simple, clean and overall a well-rounded material, isn’t it?

Shitomito palette project overview

Shitomito palette project overview 2

A good way to combine a fresh design with clean lines is to use wooden pallets. The next time you want to spice things up in your workplace, you should use palettes! Around 130 pallets were used in this room from start to finish. To get this look for yourself, use the cheapest wood to create a tiered ceiling with built-in strip lighting for an innovative ceiling and lighting design. Take your average pallets and have them disassembled to create furniture for your space such as shelves, storage and benches. Finally, treat yourself to a beautiful checkered parquet floor.

Shitomito palette project overview 3

Shitomito pallet project ceiling

For a more refined and elegant touch, place a glass table in the middle of your work area that is perfect for meetings and project pitching. The pallets are secured with screws so they can be easily removed and reassembled, making them a great investment.

The versatile wooden pallets have been transformed into beautiful planks, walls, ceilings and furniture and serve as a large closure that lines the entire strip from the outside. It also serves as a stylish closure and is brought to an end. It gives a more private feeling with a lot of privacy.

Shitomito pallet project awning

Shitomito pallet project awning 2

This project is absolutely perfect for those of you who love doing their job and adding the extra elbow grease. This shows the versatility and beauty of wooden pallets while offering you a great design that is inexpensive and fully functional.

However, please be warned. Please consider the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of material when taking on this project. Because wooden pallets are stored outdoors, they are exposed to elements such as rainwater, which can put them in a fairly poor condition over time.

Buy wooden pallets with the seal of approval, better known as HT or heat-treated wood, to be particularly safe and to make the most of your investment. This ensures that you get a more stable product and allows you to use it in the near future for other projects that you may want to try.

Good luck and have fun!

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