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Light Boy And Light Girl Fixtures

Light Boy And Light Girl Fixtures

Are you looking for something fun and sweet to watch in your house every day? This is the perfect lighting design for you. It is an ingenious way to satisfy the basic needs of every household. I’m talking about this cute but elegant light design by Ricardo Marcos. He has created one of the most ingenious and creative lighting projects that you can find both online and offline. The projects of Light Boy and Light Girl.


As you can see in the picture, it is made of wood and definitely fits into any type of room in the house. You can use this in your bedroom and dining room at the same time. The versatile design of this special lamp can definitely set your room apart from all others.

This also shows your personal creativity. This special design promotes the appreciation of human form in relation to art and architecture. In short, it is another medium of self-expression that you should never do without.

Here are some examples of some variations of the same project that you can use in both the master bedroom and the nursery in the future. I am sure that your child will definitely appreciate this project as soon as it sees it.


What I like about this particular project is that you can use it with different color schemes with little effort. Because of the neutral colors of the lighting fixtures, you can be sure that they will fit well into any color scheme you consider for your bedroom or any other part of your home.

It is said that a person’s personality can be seen in the type of equipment he uses. In this sense, this is the perfect way to bring your childlike qualities to bear. For this reason, it is important that you make sure that you try it out as soon as possible. I am sure you will not regret it for your own home or for a friend’s home.


Speaking of which, you will definitely make a present for your family and friends. I am sure that if you ever choose to use this as a housewarming or birthday present, you will find it very charming and will appreciate your print even more. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give yourself the chance to own this wonderful creation.

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