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Kids Study-Play Room Ideas

Kids Study-Play Room Ideas

Design special learning / playroom ideas for children, where they can enjoy their time both while playing and while learning. You can design it to impress the children and make them stay there longer and encourage them to learn better. You can make it look fascinating by designing it so that your children will feel comfortable there.


Every child loves to scribble on a blackboard and pretend to play like a teacher. This is one of the nice ideas for study rooms, where you can provide him with a large blackboard wall on which he can scribble his lessons on it. This will also help them write the lessons on the board, where they can make it look interesting.

Couch and bookshelves:

Place a bookshelf or a book stand where you can display your books and are easy to grasp even during the study period. This room can also be used as a reading corner with your favorite story books on the frame. By setting up comfortable sofas, you can also sit and read casually.

Loft study:

This is one of the most interesting design ideas for study rooms, where the loft is designed with a sofa and a staircase. This also serves as the perfect reading corner for your child as they can enjoy their own private time.

Ideas for metal walls:

Design a single side of the work space with steel made of other materials that you can insert magnets into. Magnetic numbers, alphabet and other small items like fruits and vegetables can be stuck to the wall to make them look interesting and fun.

Canopy reading corner:

Design a study or canopy playroom where children can hide, use it as a reading corner, or even enjoy using it like a comfortable tent to play with. The tables and chairs in the room give you the convenience of having your snacks or using them for writing.

Tree house design idea:

Design a tree house like a loft bed in your room with shelves underneath to place books and other toys you need.

Wicker basket shelves:

Design a simple study or play room with some chairs and a table, as well as many shelves with a basket. This will help them keep their books, stationery or other important things in it.

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