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Key Holders Wall Decorations for the Home

Key Holders Wall Decorations for the Home

If you’re looking for ways to decorate your walls, why not consider adding functionality and aesthetics to your wall decor? In this way you achieve the perfect balance between usefulness and creativity when renovating your entire household. Here is a perfect holder design that you can easily hang on the wall. I am sure you will be inspired by this article and learn how you can make these designs your own in the future.

The first thing you can do with your key holders is to trade so much that you get an inspiring message to look forward to every day. You can place the key holder against a small piece of wood with a carved message in the middle. This way you can inspire not only yourself but also others.

Key holder 1

Source: Overtheappletree

You can also mix directly with different materials if you want to design your own key holder to hang on the walls. From oak to cedar, the type of wood used can definitely change the overall look of the project.

Key holder 2

Source: blooming again

You can also add shelves to the key holder function. You can do this by first creating the shelf and then adding the key holder. It will surely become a modern miracle.

Key holder 3

Source: Hawthorn and head

Here’s an easy way to hang your keys on the walls. Simply use a small piece of wood and tie it to the wall with a string. It’s simple, but awesome.

Key holder 4

Source: ajoyfulriot

Don’t forget to have fun designing your own key holder. The next picture shows you how much color you can use with this project.

Key holder 5

Source: thecraftedlife

In addition, you can use other materials to make your own key holder stand out from the others. Here are key holders made of magnets. You will certainly not regret using these designs.

Key holder 6

Source: iffoundmake

You can also combine picture frames with the key holders. Just sit down on this picture to see what I mean. The colors definitely add character to the project.

Key holder 7

Source: blitsycrafts

This yellow key holder is definitely simple, but extremely useful in any case. This is one way to label your key holder in the future. You can also label your keys if you want.

Key holder 8

Source: cherished bliss

If you like toys, these little Lego key holders can definitely give you the best of both worlds. I am sure that you will enjoy this project with the family in the coming days.

Key holder 9

Source: Minieco

As the last option, you will find another ingenious way to combine the frames with your key holder designs. It is simple and elegant at the same time.

Key holder 10

Source: lilacarrotkc

You should definitely keep an eye on these projects if you want to decorate your walls for the long term. I am sure you will not regret using these special ideas as they are not only useful but also great to look at.

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