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Jar Decoration Ideas

Jar Decoration Ideas

It is a good idea to match some glasses to a designed room. This makes the room more attractive and unique. These beautiful glasses will not only look good in your home, but you can also use them to enhance your outdoor area.

Glass Glass for outdoor decoration

Glass decoration ideas 1

There are many great jars that you can pick up at your favorite thrift store and buy decorative papers, ribbons, baking strings, and flowers to decorate your jars.

Nice glass decoration ideas for display

Glass decoration ideas 7

Glass decoration ideas 8

You can also buy some colors with different colors to color the lid to match the room. However, this is not recommended. Here is glass decorative Ideas to make your room unique and lively.

Colorful glasses decorated with beautiful flowers

Glass decoration ideas 6

With the decorative papers you can cut circles or other shapes that are larger than the lids. Some prefer colors that are very eye-catching to attract others’ attention. A helpful idea is to use a yellow paper and lay it on the lid along the outside edge.

Nice lace added to make the glass more attractive

Glass decoration ideas 2

Glass decoration ideas 10

You can also use a Mod Podge to shape the paper on the lid. Cover the top of the lid and the paper with a sticky substance. If you let the paper soak up a little, it’s easy to wrap things around. Make sure it sits perfectly on the lid and let it dry.

Well-designed jar – a nice gift idea

Glass decoration ideas 5

Remove the additional paper until it is under the lid. Do not leave too much paper as this can affect the tightening of the glass. Apply the Mod Padge to the outside of the lid to protect the paper.

Glass with candy decorates a great gift idea

Glass decoration ideas 4

You can add something to the decorated lid to enhance its beauty. It’s best to put something colorful in the jar to make it look even more attractive.

Glass with a unique design – an interesting gift idea

Glass decoration ideas 3

You can use different types and designs of paper to cover the lid.

Glass lid covered with decorated paper

Glass decoration ideas 9

Jars with shells and corals

Jars with shell and coral

Glass with cupcake wrapperGlass for cupcake wrappers

Glasses – bathroom decoration

Glasses - bathroom decoration

Jars with plantsJars with plants

Beach inspired glasses decoration

Beach decor glasses

Decorate glasses

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