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Interesting Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Interesting Toilet Paper Roll Craft

If you think that the toilet paper rolls should go to the trash once all the paper rolls are out, just take a look at the ideas below as you will be amazed at how interesting these handicrafts look and will be very useful for you them at home. It’s easy to make and also serves as the best pastime to recycle and reuse things at home.

Bird feeder:

This is one of the awesome ideas to help the little birds out there eat, and you can just apply some peanut butter and then roll it over a few grains so that it easily sticks to it. Hang this on the trees outside and little birds chirp around your house.

Cable organizer:

One of the most irritating things for almost all of us who remove the tangled, messy cords, and we sometimes get irritated at how they can tangle themselves, but now you can cleverly organize them by rolling them up and into the toilet paper rolls and Insert the names above.

Curtain decor:

This is one of the coolest ideas to create a unique and interesting curtain for doors and windows. Cut small rings from the paper rolls and fasten them with a thread. You can also simply lock them into a curtain.

Mobile craft:

Spray some paint over the rollers and you can attach shaky eyes and teeth to the rollers to make them look like a monster. Hang up many such monsters to form a mobile craft for your room.

Seedling pots:

If you are very interested in planting and planting different types of plants in the garden, you can sow small seedlings in these buns until they sprout, and then transfer them to larger pots. This makes it easier to manage the seedlings and makes them interesting.

Cutlery holder:

Just make the roll flat and you can design designs on top and bottom and also attach belts to it to make it look creative for a cutlery holder. This will look fantastic on special occasions for table decorations.

Stationery holder:

Use a large shoebox or box to make a stationery holder as you can put toilet paper rolls in it to keep them organized.

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