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Inspiring Green Room Designs

Inspiring Green Room Designs

If you’re looking for a color that perfectly matches the furniture in your room without being gender-specific, you should definitely consider using green as the primary color. For me, green is the most versatile color because it not only does without any gender, but also fits easily with any color scheme that you consider for your own bedroom or another room in the house.

This article focuses on giving you some ideas on what to do with green in terms of the overall color scheme and interior. Hopefully after reading this article you will have a basic idea of ​​what you can do with the different parts of your house and the color green in the future.

living room

Below are three pictures of living spaces that you can be inspired by. If your nature fund has inspired themes and you want them for your living room, these design examples should be perfect for you.


Source: Chinoi series chic


Source: Eddie Ross


Source: Pinterest

The kitchen

If the color green can also serve as an accent for your kitchen or even as a basic color and pattern for your cooking area. Whatever you choose, green definitely works either for your closets as shown in one of the pictures, or for your bar stools. This means that you will never be wrong with this special color scheme.


Source: Milk and honey home


Source: Tobi Fairley


Source: Traditional home

The dining area

Using green as part of your dining area color scheme can definitely be one of the smartest decisions you can make for yourself and for your home. How? Because of the cool quality of this color, you and your family will definitely enjoy your meals even more when you enter the dining area.

Apart from that, you will also relax while eating due to the calming quality of the color green. If I were you, I would definitely use this color for my own dining room as soon as possible. You will never regret it. Below are just a few of the pieces of evidence that can definitely show you how beneficial the use of green would be for your dining area.


Source: My design chic


Source: Pinterest


Source: Inspirational space

These are just a few of the most inspiring designs and color patterns you can use for different parts of your home. You will definitely not regret using green as the overall color base. Why? Because it reminds you of the beneficial quality of nature at its best.

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