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Inspirational Chevron Home Décor

Inspirational Chevron Home Décor

Chevron stripes are simple zigzag stripes that can make your home look elegant and modern at the same time. You can implement these chevron strips in various forms of home decor to make the interior of your home look trendy. That’s what this blog is about.


Airy curtains have to be simple and have bright and beautiful colors. This is a bright sun yellow cotton curtain with a bold chevron stripe and a matching flowerpot placed next to the threshold to give the place a decor that makes it look calm and comfortable.

airy yellow chevron curtains

airy yellow chevron curtains

Bedroom decoration:

Design your bedroom in a beautiful chevron design that contains nothing more than stripes but still makes your room look fabulous. The beautiful combination of bed linen and matching throw pillows in yellow and gray as well as curtain frills, wall decoration and storage bag make the room look very neat.

Painted furniture:

You can repaint the old chevron-style furniture just as anyone can easily. These designs look simple and elegant on the furniture.

Chevron painted furniture

Chevron painted furniture

Stair design idea:

Painted stairs are one of the nice ideas to redesign old stairs or to make simple stairs look much nicer than before. You can paint the stairs in chevron design like this one because they look very attractive because the nice combination of white, black and brown makes the whole stairs look very appealing.

Wall color decor:

Paint the walls of the nursery or one of your rooms with a nice chevron to make it look different than usual. This children’s room is painted and similarly designed in a beautiful combination of colors, gray, white, red, aqua and green as well as the interiors, so that it looks breathtakingly beautiful.

Chair design:

Yellow, black and white make a nice color combination, don’t they? And this French provincial chair with chevron design makes it look traditional, contemporary and stylish, only with the strong stripes and the bright yellow color.

Glitter vase:

You can also design a vase with glitter at home and decorate it with glittering Easter eggs that can also be used on other days to decorate the shelves and tables as the centerpiece.

Breathtaking floors:

Check out this black and white combination of chevron tile floors with black door frames, white sofa and other pillows that make the whole place look very beautiful and wonderful.

Stylish carpet:

Blue and white with yellow curtains give the room a very stylish look and the bold, striped chevron rug gives the whole room so much glamor. This carpet shows how important even a carpet can be for changing the spatial image.

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