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Inexpensive and DIY Headboard Ideas

Inexpensive and DIY Headboard Ideas

Your bedroom is a place to relax, unwind and sleep. You need a good mattress so that you can sleep comfortably. Your good mattress should have a great headboard. Instead of buying an expensive headboard, you can make one yourself. You just need a good idea. These headboards are made of materials that are readily available in your home. You can have an attractive headboard without spending a lot of money. Here are 5 inexpensive and DIY headboard ideas to follow.

Old headboard of the front door

1 old door headboard


Turning an old door into a headboard takes some work. You need to measure the area and cut the door to the size that fits your bed. You can paint it with colors that complement the bed inside the bedroom. If you are financially capable, you can pay a professional to paint and design the door to turn it into a stylish and elegant headboard. This headboard idea requires some basic tools and materials such as foam, mounting hardware, cotton and fabric. You can design your headboard according to your wishes. If you want it contemporary or vintage, you can do it by simply buying the right materials and having the right design ideas.

2 old door headboard


Old wood or pallet headboard ideas

3 ideas for pallet headboards

You can turn an old wood or palette into an attractive headboard by applying some varnish and cutting it to your preferred size. These pallets are very durable and last longer. Old pallet headboards can transform an old-fashioned bedroom into a fashionable and rustic one. Compared to the headboards that you can buy for $ 100 or more, these pallets in shops or stores cost less. You can also color these palettes with an attractive color.

4 ideas for pallet headboards


Shag carpet as headboard

5 Shag carpet as headboard


If you want something unique and different and want to add drama to your bedroom, you can hang a rug as a headboard. You can use flat weave, sisal or shag carpet as headboards. Some headboards are difficult to make, but not this. You can easily cut these carpets according to your preferred size or the size of your bed or ask the hardware store to cut them for you. So if you’re looking for a headboard idea that doesn’t cost you that much and makes your bedroom stylish and elegant, you should consider this idea.

6 Shag carpet headboard


Reuse window or shutter for headboard

7 shutters for headboard

If you think an old shutter is unusable, you can change your mind after seeing this. Instead of buying expensive headboards, you can reuse shutters and turn them into a stylish and elegant headboard. There are many options with shutters and windows. You can use two or three frames depending on the size of your bed and remove the glass and use acrylic instead.

8 shutters for headboard


Corrugated metal roof headboard

9 metal headboard on the roof


That is very easy. Do you ever think that a corrugated metal roof can be used as a nice headboard? This unique headboard gives the bedroom a rustic but shiny, glamorous look. Creating a corrugated metal roof part is very easy. Simply cut it into your preferred shape. You can cut it to your liking, but make sure it complements the interior of the bedroom.

10 metal headboard on the roof


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