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Indoor Sunken Space Ideas

Indoor Sunken Space Ideas

Sunken rooms are becoming increasingly popular and create a cozy living space. There are several designs that you can use to create these sunken interiors, and they make a stylistic statement about you and the style of the room for which it was designed.

stylish seating area

Backyard view of sunken room:

This is a beautiful sunken room in the living room with an open dining room and a view of the back yard with a large open back room. The open back yard creates space for more air and natural visibility, and the color theme is accordingly subtle in simple white and gray with white marble stairs that lead to the sunken seating area.

Back yard view space

Center living room focus:

This is a central focus of the living room, where the living room is large and wooden floors open to other rooms. The middle living room is focused on the wall as a sunken room with a gray corner sofa, pillows and television. It looks very modern and makes it look contemporary.

central living room focus

Colorful sunken seat:

This is a double living room seating area where the main living room is large and the central seating area is sunken. It is a square with colorful cushions in shades of red, which are placed in sufficient quantities over the white sofa, and the rest of the living room also consists of a sofa and a reading area.

colorful square seating area

Pillows in sunken pit:

This is a sunken contemporary seating area in the style of a sunken pit, in which the living room with small and black stairs is combined with the black pillows in the sunken room and the matching gray contrast pillows to make the sunken room look stylish.

Pillows in a sunken pit

Elegant brown theme:

This is an elegant brown theme with brown wood flooring and brown feather pillow sofas and large glass-clad walls on one side that offer a gigantic view of the lush green lawn.

elegant brown theme

Large sunken room:

This is a large living room that looks sunken itself and has an open kitchen island connected to the dining room, and the whole place looks lavish. This type of interior is mainly suitable for large rooms and makes them look more specific and detailed.

large sunken room

Modern circular sunken room:

This is another huge living room where the seating area is a sunken circular room with a modern seating area and colorful shades of green. Solid, simple and striped cushions enrich the space.

modern circular sunken room

Official rectangular seating area:

This is a simple official rectangular seating area where you can design the stone walls as a seating area or put some pillows over it.

official seat

Pool surround sunken room:

This is a pool that is surrounded by a pool that overlooks the lavish space that mainly matches the suit-style villas and looks extravagant. Although the interior of the sunken room is simple, the pool has great views.

Pool surround seating

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