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IKEA Hacks For Kids

IKEA Hacks For Kids

Isn’t it so strange how expensive or even more expensive children’s items are than adults? Ridiculous, I tell you! But we love our children and we love to see them happy, and good investments are not difficult to get. But that doesn’t mean we should spend so much if we can just hack them. And hack them, we will! We present the 25 best IKEA hacks that you and your children will love!

Ikea children

I cannot stress how important (and beautiful!) Chest of drawers

are. Your baby deserves the best, and IKEA knows a thing or two about the entire ballpark. All you need is a pattern and some paint and a nice flat drawer. With a lot of patience you have a chest of drawers that is suitable for a future king. Home therapy covered you

Kitchen chop

It is breathtaking DUKTIG play kitchen No adjustments are required as it is already beautiful to look at and the perfect way to keep those little hands busy. But adding a few doorknobs is a nice touch, and a fresh coat of paint in a pretty color doesn’t hurt anyone. Buzzfeed has exactly what you are looking for.

Night light Hack Ikea

This night light is too sweet for words and super easy to make! Your FADO table lampand your creativity can go a long way. Mommo design has just the thing for your night light and your baby’s sweet nights.

kiddo ikea hack

Of course! Hello, BEKVAM spice rack! Perfect for your spices, your child’s books and the like. Is there anything this spike rack can’t do? Or maybe you want to try it these shelves in a nice, warm color. We are sure that you will do a phenomenal job and your little bundle of joy will love it. click Flickr for more.


Someone improvised doll house? look at that KALLAX shelf come to life! Tres magnifique! Handmade Charlotte has a hand in making dreams break out in life and color.


This STRANDMON The chair also serves as a seesaw for the baby and as a royal cush for your tush! Attach the rockers to the floor and you have a great one yourself Discover Dream Discover sponsored seat that everyone will love.

Cupboard storage hack

Kindergarten project has just the thing for you: excellent storage space that little rascals will love! This cabinet is fun, space-saving and that KALLAX shelf can’t go wrong so you’re in good hands.

Kiddie stool hack

It is very important that you let your little ones participate in your activitiesand here it is BEKVAM step stool works its magic. Decorated with beautiful wallpaper pattern and pattern That little street is so beautiful!

house loft hack

It often follows that it will be great Sleep requires good beds. Why do you deny your sun and stars the best there is? IKEA KURA loft bed is the bomb, and bedtime is never postponed again. Thank you, IKEA hacker!

Train table hack

Be the coolest parent in the world and get it for them slim train table for your playroom! Take a LACK or KALLACK shelf and add castors and a door. Perfect! stop by IKEA hacker for more goodies.

Plush toys

Mom’s grapevine has just the thing for your plush needs. These tiny hands will love what your next inspiration for a sewing project could be!

Diaper cart inspo

Who would have thought that diaper carts could be so stylish? This RASKOG Cart It is fully functional and stylish easy to roll away is a dream come true. We picked that up Style me pretty.


Replacing these white flowers with colored tissue paper is the best thing you have ever done with yours MASKROS pendant lamp. Ungt Blod to the rescue!

Wall chop from Ikea

For the little man who always loses his wheels, don’t worry anymore! GRUNDTAL magnetic knife holder has just the thing. You can thank Just a girl and her blog for this one.

Stool hack

Transform this MAMMUT children’s stool in something that could well be part of a fairy tale. Just look at how adorable they look! over Home therapy

Trick Ikea

Every child deserves this LILLABO train set! Simply cut out houses or buildings and glue them together. Colorful and clever, you will love it immediately! Check out Kickcan and Conkers for more!


The mother’s favorite, with its elegance and soft color, is not difficult to imagine why. This LEKA baby gym is something so pretty that you want to keep it forever. You can tell your other mother friends to check out Kaley Ann.

Art table

Transform yours LATT children’s table to the ultimate art station with crayons in every color under the sun. If you throw in a chalk board and some play dough, you’ve just had the best party ever! This is from Freckle chick

Soft toy storage

Did someone say soft toy wall? With the whole soft toys scattered all over the place, keep them at bay with that KOMPLEMENT coat hanger, a perfect fit for every child’s room! Thank you, dose.


Your little princess will love the pastel colors in her drawer. Send decoration has this and other style inspirations to create the perfect bright and light room.


The worst feeling that everyone knows? Step on a Leggo. But today we don’t say more! Presentation of the special Lego table of your dreams! Complete with compartments to keep everything in order and to protect everyone’s feet from damage! The TROFAST wall storage from Frugal fun for boys is a great investment. Loft bed

The perfect upgrade comes in the form of the simple beauty that it is IKEA loft bed. A nice coat of paint, fabulous duvets and a suitable banner like that from Kid and Co. is foolproof!

chic set

Cooking like a champion knows that with a little elbow green and good color you can turn your LATT table into a chic set that IKEA would be proud of.


A STENSTORP shelf As a Bookshelf for children? Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant and we all have Mom’s grapevine to thank.


Who knew dotty buttons would be such a fun, fresh twist in this room? Creativity at its finest. From IKEA blog, with love. Good luck and have fun!

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