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Ideas To Recycle Old Picture Frame

Ideas To Recycle Old Picture Frame

Old picture frames can be reused in many ways than just displaying pictures in them. You will be amazed how many possibilities you can use them and how beautifully they can be used depending on the purpose. Check out the interesting ideas below to help you use these old frames and give them a whole new look.

Stationery storage:

Attach old denim jeans bags to the frame and hang them on the wall. This can be used as storage space for stationery to keep the most important things. This can be done in the study, near the phone books, or wherever you think they are most useful.

Bathroom decoration:

You can use old frames such as shelf storage to place decorative items or even toiletries so that they can be easily viewed and accessed when needed.

Door decor idea:

This is a wonderful door decor idea where you can convert an old photo frame like a wooden wreath in front of your door with an initial made of decoupage from old magazines. This can be hung up with the help of a large netting or colored ribbons to make it very attractive.

Storage of jewelry:

Old frames can also be used to hang your fashionable jewelry collection, as they are not only used for easy storage, but you can also display the beautiful collectibles.

Key holder:

One of the most wanted things at home is a key chain, and we often forget where we placed it. You can use a frame to hook these keys and place them in one place. A later search would not be necessary.

Nail polish storage:

Now you can organize the pretty, colorful collection of all nail polishes neatly on a framed shelf, where they also look very artistic and innovative. Just grab wooden shelves and nail-colored storage space ready.

Shoe rack:

Shoes can be stored in large picture frames because you can simply attach thin wires to them and then hang the high-heeled shoes with them. This will look very different and innovative in the entrance area.

Sunglasses holder:

Some of us have a special enthusiasm for sunglasses and are never enough even after collecting a dozen of them. So why not represent it so nicely in a frame?

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