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Ideas For DIY Decorative Wine Glasses

Ideas For DIY Decorative Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a part of most occasions and you can make them look decorative and attractive by designing them with your creativity. Just add everything you think looks nice on the glass, and that’s the way it should be. Because the glass adapts to almost every type of design.

Design idea for honeycomb straw:

This is a wonderful honeycomb design idea for the wine glasses that are served during pool parties and everything under the sun. This will look pretty cute as you can put little paper Hawaiian girl cartoons or tropical fruits on the straws to make it look nice.

decorative honeycomb straws

decorative honeycomb straws

Flowers and pearls decor:

This is another sweet wine glass idea where you can attach beautiful fabric flowers to the wine glass and also glue some white pearls or pearls on the glass to make it look very pretty.

Glitter glass decor idea:

This is one of the most colorful decorations you can imagine for a wine glass because you can just stick the glass on and dust glistens on it. This makes the glass look shiny under bright light and looks very nice.

Painted mohair decor:

Check out this bright red and charming wine glass with beautiful poppies on the glass. This will look very nice and adorable as the combination of red and black makes it very attractive.

Polymer clay flower:

Make metallic polymer clay flowers to decorate the wine glasses, and you can let the glass bloom in beauty, while these beautiful metallic copper flowers make the glass look like it protrudes from the center of the flower.

Painted hibiscus:

Paint the bottom of the wine glass with beautiful purple hibiscus and it will look beautiful inside, as the painting looks like you are drinking from the flower when you tilt the glass.

Glass bead decor:

This is a wine glass with glass beads that looks very stylish and colorful when you attach the glass beads to the wine glass and wrap the corners with a steel cord to highlight the design and color.

stylish glass beaded glass

stylish glass beaded glass

Neck of the glass decor:

Simply decorate the neck of the glass to make it look very nice, and you can use any material such as paint, glitter or even ribbons to cover the stem of the glass.

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