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How To Customize Your Book Shelf

How To Customize Your Book Shelf

Bookshelves! Which house has no home? A wonderful addition to any room, be it a study or a spacious living room. The perfect accent and presentation for your favorite literature and something that is “intellectual” or “Okay, maybe I don’t read, but take a look at this impressive bookshelf, right?” how? ”. Whether you have a century-old vintage bookcase that has been passed down from your great, great, great, great Nana, or an ordinary bulk shelf, we have the perfect pointers to help you customize your bookcase. Let us do this!

unique bookshelf idea

Having your bookcase in unique, fun designs is a new twist on the normal, old stack of books. This one with its zigzag and oblique box cuts even has a TV in the middle. Unusual, unexpected, functional and fun!

pretty shelf

When you combine bead board backing and crown molding, you get the following: an individual shelf with a cozy feeling and simple elegance. Shaping adds texture and is overall the first choice when it comes to a look that spells C-L-A-S-S-Y.

Home decor bookcase style

When you hear the word “bookshelf” I bet that 10 out of 10 times an image of a classic bookshelf in horizontal style comes to mind. This style is perfect for maximizing space and pays homage to the classic look. Thrive with a couple of cubbies, a closet or two, maybe a vase, and you’re done!

chic shelf style

Want something that looks built-in? DIY the baby! For a super light, airy trick, let it lift up slightly to give it height and volume. Embellish with some shape below to give your otherwise generic bookshelf a heightened, elegant look!

Bookcase DIY

Let your beautiful bookshelf for the piece of resistance be integrated into unconventional parts of your house! For example a bookcase + kitchen island? Clever, practical for all these cookbooks and magazines, and great aesthetics!

We hope these tips have made you decorate your own bookshelf. Good luck and have fun!

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