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Home Decor With Wooden Walls

Home Decor With Wooden Walls

A simple room can get a new, enriched look by adding a wooden wall. Wooden furniture went far beyond that and went a step further to provide the house with wooden walls in a modern look rather than a traditional rustic look. Below are some of the ideas you can use to design your home with wooden walls and go one step further in a modern look.

artistic wooden wall

breathtaking wooden panels

Garden lounge wall:

This is a wooden panel wall that is used in the garden, where it is used as a partition to separate the tiled area from the rest of the garden, but provides a partial view through the panels.

Garden lounge wall

Modern bedroom with rustic wooden wall:

This is a modern bedroom with a rustic wooden wall, in which the headboard area is decorated with a rustic wooden wall with a mural that decorates the wall. The curtains on the sides fit so well on the wall.

modern bedroom wooden wall

This is another example of a bedroom wall in which the headboard area is similarly designed with a rough wooden wall, but remains simple without wall decoration and looks good on its own.

Wooden headboard

Minimalist toilet design:

This is a minimalist toilet design with smooth wooden wall walls with white tiles and toilet fixtures. This gives the toilet a very fine finish and makes it look very stylish and modern.

modern wooden wall bath

Paneled wooden wall:

This is a paneled wooden wall with details on its surface that give it a rough finish, and although it gives a rustic look, the section of the wall is made of wood and the remaining section is painted in a normal color with a smooth finish and the interiors are modern The entire room is modern.

paneled wooden wall

Square wood in the study:

This is a square wood in the study, where the smooth wood surface is paneled so that it runs in one section along all four sides of the room, giving the room a trendy look.

square wood in the study

Wood pillar living room design:

This is a wooden pillar living room design where the wooden wall forms as a bottom wall between the main living room and the staircase area. The pebbles under the wooden panels add details and give it a modern touch.

Wooden pillar living room wall

Wooden block construction:

This is a wooden block construction wall where it looks like each wall protrudes outwards on its own level and looks very unique. This type of wall looks beautiful when designed in the home office, office, or living room.

structured walls made of wooden blocks

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