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Handcrafted Wall Clocks

Handcrafted Wall Clocks

Have you ever tried to make handmade wall clocks? If you are here for the first time, you should be careful as we give you effective examples of what you can do as a beginner. Read on for more information.

Why don’t you try to use wood as the main material in a first project? This will definitely be easy to find in terms of raw materials and would be a great way to recycle old wooden blocks around the house.

26-Extremely creative-handmade wall clocks made of wood

Source: etsy

Second, you should also try to use different colors when painting your own wall clock. It will be a way to express your own personality through the project without being overwhelming.

26-Extremely creative-handmade wall clocks pastel

Source: etsy

In addition, you should also use different patterns for your wall clock. Here is the chevron pattern that you can definitely use your wall clock with as your own canvas.

26-Extremely creative-handmade wall clocks Chevron

Source: etsy

If you want to design a wall clock for a nursery, think of something that reflects the child’s personality along the way. In this case, this bike wall clock will definitely do the trick.

26-Extremely creative-handmade-wall clocks bike

Source: etsy

Another way for you to redesign your wall clock is to make sure it fits your entire design theme. In this case, it reminds me of a rustic design that is suitable for a small house in the long run

If you love nature, this is the best wall clock design you can have. Animal shapes can definitely give you what you want in terms of craftsmanship and creativity when it comes to wall clocks.

26-Extremely creative-handmade wall clocks Okto

Source: etsy

If you have old vinyl turntable discs in the house, this can be a good material to use as a reinvented wall clock. You just have to repaint it and do additional renovations, and you have everything you need for an artistic wall clock design.

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