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Halloween Theme Wedding Ideas

Halloween Theme Wedding Ideas

Celebrating your wedding by season is one of the funniest and joyful things to think about, and Halloween is a unique theme to choose from. You can choose from a variety of themes, and Halloween is a type of theme that makes the entire wedding setup look completely different than usual. If you are looking for creativity and exciting ideas, you will definitely love the ideas below.

Centerpiece decor:

Check out this unique decor where you wouldn’t find such a decor on most wedding tables. Paint the branches and twigs in dark black and you can decorate them with butterflies and feathers or even with white thread to make them look haunting.

Dessert table:

How about something unique and scary like this? Mini apples, cherries or plums can be used as staked hearts with candy dipping because these syrup droplets make it look very realistic.

Seating arrangement at table:

Typically, you may have seen flowers and other colorful, bright, and lively things on a table, but this is different and fits a Halloween theme perfectly. The black table decor with web design and the name, which is printed with a raven picture, makes everything look very haunted.

Pumpkin entrance decor:

Pumpkins and Halloween merge so well that you can use them to decorate the entrance gates. Paint the pumpkins in black or make pumpkin lanterns to make the entrance look unique.

Shield decoration:

This is a black sign with red paint dripping like blood, and you can write a fun welcome message to your guests so they get the feel of the subject straight from the entrance.

Table number decor:

You can attach table numbers to artificial witch hats and put them on the tables. You can also use real hats and have them taken as a favor for your wedding.

Place card decor:

Use artificial vampire teeth to place the companion cards in it. This will look very different and you would not have seen this type of escort card holder anywhere. Maybe your guests can wear it during the theme wedding.

Cake design:

One of the different cake designs with skulls and especially the beautiful message that is added make it a special one on your wedding day.

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