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Hair Accessory Organizer: DIY Craftwork

Hair Accessory Organizer: DIY Craftwork

This is one of the interesting blogs for all the little girls, teenagers and women who like to wear different matching hair accessories and want a perfect organizer idea. This is one of the cheap craft ideas where you can organize them neatly at home and easily access them when needed without having to search long.

Bucket storage:

Use small buckets to dispose of all the hair accessories in one place, and you can easily find them in there if needed. Attach hooks to the wall or a wooden board, and then hang buckets on the hooks to keep these things.

Crochet patterns:

If you are interested in knitting and crocheting, you will love this as you will simply need a crochet pattern to attach all the clips in it so it is clearly visible.

Gel tubes:

If you don’t want to spend time crafting, but are looking forward to a simple idea, you might be interested. Take used gel tubes and keep all hair bands and rubber bands with them.

Hangers with ribbons:

Decorate any old hanger with pretty ribbons and lace, and you can hang long ribbons on it to organize clips. This is one of the simplest ideas, and all you have to do is tie ribbons to the hanger to use it. You can also teach your kids to do one for them.

Mason jars:

Mason jars can be used in many handicrafts, DIY ideas and for storage purposes. Take one at home to keep all your hair accessories in there and easily retrieve them when needed.

Oatmeal box:

Never throw an oatmeal container or pringle jars as they can be used to store hair bands. Simply decorate it with colorful envelopes or printed fabric to make it look decorative. This can be attached to candle holders to make it look creative. ”

Ribbon holder:

All you need is just two long ribbons and some hot glue to make this storage, as you can glue them together with spaces where hair bands can be neatly kept.


Tie the branch to a thread and then use ribbons or other rope materials you can think of to organize these hair accessories.

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