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Great Painting Ideas for Walls

Great Painting Ideas for Walls

A blank wall is an opportunity for you to develop your creativity while drawing or painting. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with different ideas, even when it comes to color combinations and patterns. If you don’t know where to start, this article will give you an indication of what you can do with your walls in terms of color and style. Hopefully you will get some of it and use it in the near future.

You can use waves to give your walls the illusion of movement. Instead of using traditional stripes, your walls will have a unique quality that will set them apart from other interior designs in the future.

1 children's room-colorful wave room

When you become abstract, you get more freedom in art. Instead of thinking about patterns and color combinations for your wall, you can proceed intuitively. Paint your wall as you wish. If you feel lonely, spray the wall with bluish tones. Otherwise, choose a lighter color.

2 gold leaf wall paint dining room

You can be inspired by nature. This particular picture reminds me of the beach. However, it can have a completely different meaning for others.

3 geometric dining room wall paint

Have you ever used a painter’s tape? Apart from the traditional use of hiding unsightly color lines or edges on your wall, you can also use them as a tool to paint over your walls. You can use it as a pattern for your pictures or create a completely new design of your own.

4 bedroom tape magic

If you want something different and unique for your walls, why not try to use a typographic design? You can either use letters or numbers and hang them on the walls or write inspiring messages and words with monogrammed letters.

6 typography-painted-wall-a

If you want something traditional for your walls, you can use stripes and play around with colors. Just look at this one picture.

7 Horizonta nursery stripe black crib

The chevron pattern is also one of the many patterns that you can play around with in interior design. You can either design a small pattern on one side of the wall, or grow large and connect two adjacent walls.

8 white-blue-gray-chevron-over-bed

The ombre color scheme is one of the many mural patterns that you can definitely do either in your living room or in any other room in your house. You can choose to stay with one color and turn it into a lighter shade of the same color, or vice versa.

9 bedroom wall ombre color

You can also brush molded parts over your walls. This is called faux. If you have no money for real shaping, this is certainly enough.

10 painted faux molding idea

If you want to be more creative than usual, you can try using freehand designs. This will give you more opportunities to experiment with patterns and other design elements in the future.

5 freehand wall painting

These are just a few of the many mural patterns you can experiment with when you have the opportunity. Hopefully in the future you will find a design that fits both your personality and your own home.

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