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Easy To Make DIY Storage Boxes

Easy To Make DIY Storage Boxes

DIY storage boxes are not only cute, but also very useful as you can recycle the old boxes to create a new looking one. After reading this post, save all the disposable boxes to create nice looking storage boxes that you can use at home. You can also give your friends these types of boxes on their birthday and make them feel special by letting them know how much time you spent creating these pretty boxes.

Your old wooden box can be painted with beautiful colors and designs to make it look lively and beautiful. You can attach pillow balls of the same size to the four corners of the box to make them look prettier. If you can’t paint, you can also glue fabric or designed paper to the sides of the box. Now see how it turned into a beautiful book box.

Take a look at how the old shoeboxes have become beautiful storage boxes. Paint the shoeboxes with bright colors or cover them with bright papers. You can then attach satin ribbons to the top like a beautiful border pattern and then attach buttons and beads to make them look more beautiful. You can also write names on the box or just leave them with small decorations.

This diaper box is covered with fabric and tied in a corner with a matching thick black satin ribbon and some flowers to make it look very pretty. This storage container can be used for various purposes and nobody will believe that it is a diaper box.Cloth-covered diaper box

Fabric covered diaper box

Fabric covered diaper box

Read the detailed instructions for making a fabric box with a fabric cover Here .

You can also decorate old boxes with ribbons and flowers and make them look beautiful and new. This is an example where the old box has become a beautiful pink flower box with a bouquet and ribbons.

This is a recycled hat box that is decorated with colorful gift packaging and the lid is decorated with stones and a cute little bow. You can also decorate the box by covering it with fabric or decorating it with satin ribbons. The choice is yours as you can explore them as you wish.

Old wheat can be recycled to make cute little storage boxes because you can cover it with fabric and attach the finished appliqué to the fabric to make cute boxes. This type of storage can be given to children as they will simply love it.

Diy chest of drawers made from old beauty boxes, aAny type of small box works just as well ::

DIY chest of drawers

Just perfect for storing makeup, read the detailed instructions Here .

DIY storage boxes, covered with paper: Just take all the old hat and shoe boxes and make them pretty!Diy storage boxes

You need: Any Storage boxes or beauty boxes, patterned paper, glue, brush, elastic cord, a thick needle, pretty buttons and possibly a rotary or hand stamp for round holes. You can find further instructions here Here

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