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DIY Yarn Ball Craft Ideas

DIY Yarn Ball Craft Ideas

Decorating your house with a ball of wool can be one of the inexpensive ideas to brighten the place in beauty and color. These balls of yarn are easy to make and you can tie them together into a string or wrap around another object or just put them together into a bundle to create a beautiful craft. This not only saves costs, but also makes the place look decorative.

Yarn mobile

Bundle of yarn


Bookmarks are one of the easiest gifts you can give to someone or make yourself if you are an avid book lover. You can make a small bobble or a bundle of yarn and attach it to a string and use it like a bookmark.

Garnball bookmarks

Yarn ball wreath door decor:

Decorate the door with a ball of twine that is very simple and easy to make. You can make multiple balls of yarn and use a plastic ring to join them together in a circle and add a needle to make it look artistic.

Yarn ball wreath

Room divider / curtain ideas:

You can make simple and cool room dividers, blinds, or curtains with yarn by wrapping them around the beads for a lot of hold, or just making small bundles and attaching them to a long string that makes a nice curtain for your home.



There is so much you can do with a simple colored ball of thread, and garlands are one of them. Attach the balls with a string and decorate them during the parties as they look unique and bright.

DIY yarn garland

Ideas for pendant lights:

Use glue to wrap the ball of thread around a large balloon. Later, when it’s dry, you can pop the balloon away. This makes the pendant light look cool and modern. These lamps are easy to manufacture and look beautiful at a very low cost.


Table decoration idea:

Decorate the party tables with balls of yarn, and just like the pendant lamp, you can make a ball of yarn and attach each with a flower because it looks unique as a vase. You can also lean on the table numbers to make the place setting one of the unique ways to decorate it.

Table decoration

Decoration ideas for bundle of twine trees:

Simply hang the bundles of yarn on the branches in your craft room and they will look colorful and charming.

Tree decor

Yarn ball lantern

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