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DIY Wedding Photo Shoot Décor Ideas

DIY Wedding Photo Shoot Décor Ideas

Photography is one of the most important elements of a wedding or celebration, as it freezes the beautiful moments and brings back the joy when you can flip through the pages. You can decorate your own backdrop so that it remains unforgettable, romantic and a place that you have designed for your loved ones. The ideas below are easy to implement and you can decorate the place all by yourself.

Nice bow:

Decorate a beautiful arch in your back yard on the wedding grounds with simple wooden poles, transparent curtains, and some flowers and pearls to decorate it. This romantic setting will look very beautiful, even though it is decorated with simple materials.

Picnic setting:

Take a casual picture on or before your wedding so it looks nice while you smile and have a drink together. With just a few baskets, wine, and some food, the area is ready to catch a romantic couple together.

Colorful curtain:

This is one of the simplest backdrops to choose from as the colorful curtain is more than enough to decorate the place. A light cloth in the middle of the green makes it look attractive and you can ask your friends to throw some petals if you are delighted to be caught.

Hanging frames:

Use empty frames to decorate the tree so that it is beautiful, different and also very easy to decorate. Just save any old picture frames so they are useful when you need to decorate the tree.

Paper flowers: paper flowers

For anyone interested in handicrafts, this will definitely make the place beautiful, romantic, and a perfect place to click your favorite picture. Aren’t flowers one of the most romantic things you can use? Make them yourself with colored papers.

Forest inspiration:

Only a table, a few chairs, candles and flowers are enough to prepare this beautiful decor for your photo shoot. You can decorate the table and take a photo while holding out a wine glass to your loved one. What could be more romantic than having dinner in the forest?

Frame and vases:

Old frames and vases as well as a bouquet of flowers on the stand make this area look elegantly beautiful.

Initial letters:

Cut out the letter of your name with cardboard, wood, or any other material you want to use and place it in your garden to take the photo.

Swing decoration:

Do you have a swing in your garden? Just decorate it with flowers and your loved one will just love it.

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