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DIY Wedding Escort Card Display Ideas

DIY Wedding Escort Card Display Ideas

Are you wondering how and where you can display or place the accompanying cards? Check out the nice choices you can make from the ideas listed in this blog. They will amaze not only you as you read, but also your guests on the wedding day as they watch. You can implement creative methods of displaying companion cards instead of just placing them on rows of tables.

Champagne cards

Cheer and share the joy of your wedding with your close and dear person while you delight the champagne glass with your guests. Tie the companion cards to the glasses with bright satin ribbons because they look very creative and fun, because they can drink and be happy as you choose your card.

Cupcake pleasure:

Check out this creative and most beautiful way to display the accompanying cards, on which you can print out pictures of your guests and attach them to the cupcakes with a toothpick. This will look very creative and it will be very exciting to see their pictures on the cupcakes where you can print the details behind the picture.

Ferrero Rocher:

Who wouldn’t want to swallow and enjoy a Ferrero Rocher? Well, I don’t think anyone would want it if they weren’t prevented from having chocolates. You can use these gold-wrapped chocolates to display the accompanying cards.

Head display:

Attach cords to the ladders, and you can attach the companion card, which is neatly printed and covered in these lace-covered cards, where it is attached to the cords with a clothespin.

Old stairs and mason jars:

If you have an old wooden staircase at home, you can use it to display the accompanying cards by arranging the mason jars filled with drinks and a straw with the name tag.

old stairs and mason jars

old stairs and mason jars

Orange artificial leaves:

Check out these fresh oranges with artificial leaves that look very similar to the real ones. The only reason for using it is that you can print the names on the leaves and attach them to the oranges.

Shepherd hook display:

Use a shepherd’s hook and a branch hanging on the branch to display the accompanying cards. This can be used to bind the accompanying cards.

Tagged mini bottles:

Tie the companion cards to the mini bottles and they can enjoy their drink and take them with them as they go to their seats.

Wood log display:

Take a piece of wooden block and you can cut it open at equal intervals where the accompanying cards can be attached. This will look beautiful and be one of the best rustic ways to implement your rustic wedding plan.

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